Part 1. Samples, samples, samples...

Developing our cleanisng balm - the samples stage
After much discussion and consultation about the kind of cleanser we want to make, the ingredients we should include and the ones we shouldn't, our much awaited samples arrive all the way from the Blue Mountains in Australia.
Each pot contains a different blend and balance of ingredients, a few are made with a single oil as an experiment to isolate how that particular oil affects the feel and overall stability of our cleanser. We test them ourselves, give them to others to test, and make further adjustments until we're confident the balance is right. It's hard not to get obsessive at this point!
At the same time all of our potential blends start their stability testing journey. This process goes on for around 3 months and replicates what might happen to a product in the real world over the next year or two. At various points values will be recorded; an ideal product will have little to no change in colour, viscosity or smell.
Stability is key to making sure our product is as gentle on the skin as it can be, so we want our formula to be naturally ultra stable - to surpass EU regulations. After much testing our reports are ready - and our preferred version is declared 'fairly bulletproof'. Success!

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