Part 2. Design & proofs


Having been a film vfx artist for the past 13 years, I'm a little obsessed with colour. I store colour paint charts at home to look at them just for fun - particularly the Little Greene ones...


Our artwork was hand painted back in February to create lots of paint bleed and effects, then edited digitally to bring different areas together, creating detail in the right areas and to make it the correct size. There's a bit of forwards and backward here as we work out what kind of details are needed. Some tests are done to see how these colours work against gold and silver. The foil looks nice though is less successful in print! The idea is to get the feeling of a landscape; water and dusky sunsets. We can adjust colours quite successfully digitally so use a straight blue colour with a bit of green mixed in for tonal variation.
Harbour elements artwork
The copy has to be checked thoroughly. There's very specific regulations about what information should be on the bottle and how it should be displayed. Artwork and label copy are sent to Carl Jones Design who decide on the type design and fine tune the layout. Once we've agreed on our our final design it goes to the printers who print off proofs - rolls of 'test' labels -  so we can see what it will look like on the bottle. This is really the only way of seeing what works as what's on the screen frequently won't seem right in print. Some adjustments are made at our end as we decide on a lighter, more lilac blue. We're taking full advantage of digital printing with our label with an eye on a redesign if we move to screen printed bottles. Silk screen printing uses a few block colours only - no tonal variation - so the subtleties of our watercolour will be lost. But for now they're good!
Soon our labels will be printed and sent to the manufacturers as the last part in the puzzle before they can get going on our first small batch.


Which is the really exciting part for us! More about that in part 3.



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