Natural, resilient, gentle - our ingredients

You don't need to have reactive skin to be selective about what goes on it. Increased sensitivity can develop from previously tolerant skin due to age, hormonal changes and from use of irritating products. We believe truly gentle skincare is key in any skincare routine - whether alone or alongside more active products, to keep irritation to a minimum.

What's gentle about our skincare? 

It's genuinely unfragranced

It’s a myth that only synthetic fragrances are irritating, natural ones can be too. We won’t add essential oils to make our products smell nice.

We use naturally stable plant oils 

Oxidization introduces irritancy into plant oils by breaking down triglycerides, creating free fatty acids that are more able to penetrate the skin barrier. 
Stable plant oils that stay in their original structure will be unable to penetrate the surface of the skin, remaining gentle and beneficial instead. 
Some oils will start the oxidisation process soon after harvesting, and others will take years before this process begins providing they're kept in the right conditions.
We use high stability oil blends, packaged in airless and opaque bottles to add protection from light and oxygen.

We avoid high pollen residues

Pollen and protein residues may lead to an itch or reaction in those with hayfever or other allergies. We select oils with the lowest history of allergic reaction, we use some of our oils filtered to remove impurities, and we avoid pulp-like plant extracts, selecting the pure beneficial extract instead.

We formulate to support the skin barrier

Our formulas are based around supporting barrier function. The skin barrier helps lock moisture in, keeping skin hydrated and irritants out. This not only helps skin stay resilient, it also helps it to appear healthy.

We use 100% natural ingredients, assessed on their safety data and selected for mildness.