About us

Harbour Elements unboxing

I love natural products. I like the picture that builds about where the ingredients are from, they often smell wonderful, the complexity of plant oils is fascinating. But when one of our children developed rashy, eczema-prone skin, I chose specialist pharmacy brands.

Why? Because most of the naturally derived brands had essential oils or plant extracts that risked making things worse for those with reactive, allergy prone skin. Meanwhile my own skin, always acne prone though not previously sensitive, was increasingly experiencing mild reactions to the ‘wrong’ products. Though I wanted the benefits of natural products, I became conscious of choosing skincare that wouldn’t escalate the sensitivity. A wide array of natural skincare was available, yet few employed the same rigorous approach to reducing irritants as those pharmacy brands.

So I put a 13 year career as a VFX artist to the film industry aside to make those 'missing' products.

Not wanting to make a product limited by a beginner’s knowledge, I consulted cosmetic scientist Amanda Foxon-Hill of Realize Beauty to formulate Harbour Elements’ cleansing balm. A specialist in natural formulations with a passion for the natural world, she had the research skills and depth of experience to improve upon my initial concept. I knew she would question my ideas rather than hand over an off-the-shelf solution. Her own personal experience with highly reactive skin brought valuable insights into the relationship between ingredient and sensitive skin. The result, an elegant formula, is more beautiful and sophisticated than my own early experiments. We trialed many variations to get the feel right on the skin and I think the result is a very special product.

Kate Porter, founder of Harbour Elements

Expect further additions to our range in the future.